We are in his service for his glory outreach ministry

Located in Inglewood California, In His Service For His Glory Outreach Ministry exists to spread the love of God, and the good word which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to be the only Bible some people may ever see, through our outpouring of His Spirit and Love. We offer this to the lost world and also desire to supply moral uplift and edification in the body of Christ, which is the church!

Our Goal

Through faith in Jesus Christ and prayerful guidance and communication with the Holy Spirit, our goal is to bring together a fellowship of like minded Christians in an outreach ministry to conduct evangelical and ministry outreach events in the Inglewood (Los Angeles) and South Bay areas.

Our long range goal is to find a building, (such as a small vacant church building), and provide hot meals, clothes, social department resources, computer access, a library,church services, and many other resources for the local homeless community. We will also be seeking a partnership with a new plant church in need of a building. It is our hearts desire to create a multi-service organization for the local homeless population to to come to for help, and the basic human needs of love, compassion, food, clothes, and fellowship with people that care.

At this time, this is a personal ministry, and not yet endorsed or supported by any organized church or denomination. We do hold strong to the beliefs of the Calvary Chapel, but are not officially affiliated with them. We are looking for local Faith Based Christian Churches, businesses and individuals for sponsorship, volunteers, in-kind donations and any other type of support you may have to offer. We are also seeking assistance in acquiring non-profit status. “Please see “How to Help

If you are not yet a follower of Jesus Christ and you would like more information on God’s Free Gift of Salvation, please read “How to Know God“.

If you are already a follower of Jesus Christ, please take your time and enjoy the site and after you have seen what we are all about, please consider joining our Ministry Team! It is a new journey and we look forward to connecting with other believers and planning events in the Los Angeles Area. Come and join us in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and be “In His Service For His Glory”!

Thank You and God Bless You,
Mr. J. L. Wallace
In His Service, For His Glory!

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